The Accounting and Finance Department prepares students for successful careers in private, public, and governmental financial sectors, as well as successful transfer to advanced degrees in accounting and finance.  

The Department strives to involve students in national organizations and achieve national certifications, and seeks to ingrain professionalism, ethics, and analytic skills in students that are vital to highly successful careers and quality of life.  

Regional Employment Forecast

Hourly Salary Range (Klamath Area):
$10.84 - $18.29
Hourly Salary Range (State of Oregon):
$12.71 - $48.64
Area Employment Projections: 30.3% Growth from 2014-2024 in the Klamath area. 16.7% Growth projected statewide.
Employment Outlook: The total number of job openings is projected to be much higher than the statewide average number of job openings for all occupations through 2024. Educational Requirements: The typical entry level education for this occupation is a postsecondary non-degree award.
Data provided for an Tax Preparer position. For a different employment forecast please visit the State of Oregon's Employment Department.
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Program Advisor

Kathy Hewitt
Accounting Program Lead
7390 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Q & A 

What is the difference between an accountant and a CPA?

A CPA is an accountant who has passed the Uniform CPA Examination. CPA's are able to able to legally sign tax returns or represent clients during IRS tax audits. Accountants are able to audit books and prepare financial reports. CPA's are also required to complete 80 hours of continuous professional education every two years.

Where can accountants work?

Typically accountants can work as either a public, management, government account or as an internal auditor. Each of these specialties require at least a bachelor's degree. You can also choose a specialty within each of these fields, like health care or sports team accounting.

What does a forensic account do?

Forensic accounts investigate financial evidence in cases ranging from divorce to capital crimes. Forensic accountants require extra education in the form of a forensic accounting program. Many forensic accountants work for police departments, the FBI or CIA, while some work for private companies to deal with fraud and embezzlement.

What kind of person makes a good accountant?

A good candidate for the accounting program/career is detail oriented, an analytical thinker, and has good communication skills. It helps to have a good grasp of math and technology before entering the program, since those are critical skills in the field. Accountants must also have a high degree of integrity.