Business Administration

Business Administration

Median Annual Salary

United States:
Oregon State:
Klamath Region:

Prospective Jobs

Sales representative Food service manager First-Line supervisor
Customer service representative Teller General operations manager

2019-2029 Employment Projection

14.5% Growth

Entry Level Educational Requirements:


All data was gathered from the State of Oregon Employment Department and Bureau of Labor Statistics
Data provided for a wholesale sales representative position. For a different employment forecast, visit the State of Oregon Employment Department.
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Q & A 

I’m not sure if I am interested in business. How can I check it out?

Great question! Enroll in BUS 101 Intro to Business during any term and explore the variety of topics related to a business program. If business is not for you, your faculty will help you explore other areas to find the perfect program to meet your needs!

How can I fit a business degree into my hectic life?

We have many options for you! Some students complete their degree through distance education and never have to visit campus; others attend part time, and many take a blend of face-to-face and distance ed courses. Let us help you determine the best plan for you to complete your degree with a schedule that truly works for you.

I am a new supervisor and just have time for a few courses to get started. What do you recommend?

Congratulations on your supervisor role! KCC actually offers a series of four courses that make up a “First-Line Supervisor Fundamentals” certificate so that sounds like a great place for you to start! You will complete coursework in business communication, management fundamentals, computer applications, and human relations in organizations, and the best part is that all of those courses are part of the AAS if you decide to continue on with your education!
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Linda Williamson
Program Lead
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