Associate of Arts, Oregon Transfer (AA-OT)

The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AA-OT) degree is the preferred degree for students to complete lower division (freshman and sophomore) Bachelor of Arts degree requirements at KCC.  Students who complete this degree and are accepted at Oregon public universities and college will be admitted as having completed all lower division comprehensive and general education requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Students should coordinate with advisors at KCC and their receiving institution regarding the academic requirements of their major.

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General Education consists of courses in a variety of disciplines that form a supportive core for college degree programs.  Collectively, the General Education courses promote student success in program courses by developing foundational skills in thinking, communicating, computation, and scientific method.  General Education courses also offer access to specialized instruction in subject areas not encompassed in other programs.

While preparing students for success in college degree programs, General Education departments also seek to promote student community and career success with training in Civic awareness, leadership, “soft skills,” and professionalism. Combining skills development and interdisciplinary instruction with avenues for transfer to university degrees, the General Education departments support students’ successful futures.  
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