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KCC offers traditional degree and certificate programs, as well as quicker paths to promising careers and classes just for fun!

New students:

Step 1:     Apply online.

Step 2:    Check your email for a MyKCC username and password (can take up to 48 hours).

Step 3:    Go to MyKCC and check your admissions status. 

Step 4:    You are admitted to KCC! Now it's time for your Next Steps (financial aid, placement testing, advising, and registration).

Current KCC students (you've attended KCC within the last year):

Meet with a KCC student success advisor for academic advising and registration (you may also be recommended to meet with financial aid). For assistance, call the student services help line at 541-882-3521

Former KCC students (you haven't attended KCC in at least one year):

Meet with a KCC student success advisor or call Student Services at 541-882-3521.

Transfer students:

Follow the steps above and:

Send official college transcripts to KCC (contact your previous college(s) and request an official transcript be sent to KCC to transfer your credits).

EMT students:
Follow the steps above and:

Before you can register for an EMT course (i.e. 151 lecture with lab) KCC student services must collect current CPR card—if the you do not already have a CPR card, Community Education or the hospital to has options to attain one.

Next, a copy of the students immunization records (requirement for both community ed course and credit courses) is required.

Finally, fill out the EMT checklist.

Once the  all of the required documentation is provided, you can register.

Next Steps (new students and transfer students):

Step 1:     Prepare your financial aid.

Step 2:     Placement test* (Meet with Student Services in Founders Hall or call them at 541-880-2350 to determine if you need to take the test.)

Step 3:    Advising/registration (To speak with an advisor and register for classes, ask for Student Services in Founders Hall.)

*A placement test is required UNLESS:

  • You have taken a placement exam within the last 12 months;
  • You have completed both WRI 121 and MATH 111; 
  • You have taken a math or writing class at a college less than one year ago and passed with a 'C' or better;
  • You are in the Advanced Diploma Program (ADP).
Note: If you are transferring to KCC from another college, you will need to bring a copy of your unofficial or official transcripts to orientation. 

If you have any questions please contact Admissions at 541-880-2212.
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You Can Now Join the Line By:

By downloading the QLess App on your IOS or Android Device you can join the virtual line, manage your spot, see forecasted wait times, and get notified when you reach the front of the line!

Texting Commands:
  • L - Leave the queue, use this command when you need to exit a particular queue.
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  • N# - Notify me in XX minutes, use this command to let KlamathQ know when to send an alert.

Click the icon, or navigate to to join the virtual line from any web browser.

Stop by the reception desk in Founders Hall and visit our kiosk to join the line. Our friendly staff is happy to help.

New Students

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Having Trouble?

Can't apply online? Email, including your full name and email address.


Print the paper admissions form, fill it out and email it to You can also bring it to Founders Hall on the KCC campus. We can admit you in person!

More Information

KCC now has one more way to give a big boost to student success! 15 to Finish will pay for three lecture credits to students who take 15 credits or more per term.

Use this tool to estimate the cost of courses available at KCC.

Through the Higher Education Act of 1965, there are many forms of financial assistance available to most students wishing to further their education.

Calendar of events for Oregon Promise's first year experience students. FYE includes educational and fun trips to various locations in our region, such as Southern Oregon University football games and informational and entertaining activities on campus.

KCC offers several ways to fund your education. From grants and scholarships to national and local programs, KCC has an option that is right for you.

KCC has an open-door, open-admissions policy and welcomes all students. Find out more information about enrollment, campus tours, and getting started on your college career.

KCC has many exciting opportunities for high school students. Learn how your high school students can get involved today!

Find personal and career interests using Holland codes.

KCC strives to embrace America’s military service members, veterans, and spouses as students and ensure their success on campus.

Placement tests help ensure you take the correct classes.

See this page for articulation and transfer agreements for KCC and Eastern Oregon University, Linfield College, Oregon State University, Oregon Institute of Technology, and Southern Oregon University.

Information about the costs associated with attending KCC. Includes tuition costs, school fees, and other associated costs.


Klamath Community College is hosting a series of information sessions to help those interested in earning a nursing degree learn what it takes to be accepted into the college’s nursing program.
President’s List – Fall 2019
Samantha Adams, Hanna Aguirre Burk, Angelica Alonzo, Eric Baker, Bradlyn Baley, Elizabeth Barnes, Colby Barrington, Raelene Barrows, Matthew Bascom, Samuel Begley, Emily Berndt, Kimberly Bickford, Beverly Biernot, Joshua Bills, Nicole Bland, Victor Bonnet, Michael Bowen, Sarah Bowersox, Julia Brancacio, Jasper Brookins, Emily Brown, Nathan Bruk, Taylor Burgess, Emma Burum, Casey Campbell, Luke Carlin, Caleb Carlton, Stacy Clair-Johnson, Tina Close, Mikel Cole, Clayton Cox, Daniel Crockett, Paula Crouch, Dion Crume, Richard Cullen, Alan Danforth, Austin Davies, Mariah De Leon, Madilyn Del Rosario, Shawn Depew, Jaime Diaz-Ayala, Amanda Dickens, Jeremy Dixon, Roland Dodson, Brooke Donovan, Sara Dragoon, Katie Dugger, Tyler Dupart, Brianna Eichelkraut, Tawni Ellis, Jorge Estrada Laines, Justina Evans, Chance Fahndrich, Alexa Fanning, Rachel Ferguson, Ty Ferguson, Jonna Ferrario, Seamus Fitzgerald, Lydia Free, Jayden Fry, Idaly Garcia, Rebecca Garcia, Angelica Garrison, Beatris Garza, Frances George, Selma George, Barbara Getz, David Gilliland, Joseph Gilman, Danyale Golden, Martha Gomez Cerrillo, Kristie Griffin, Charletta Gullatt, J'Enai Hall, Marcius Ham, Bonnie Hamblin, Madison Hamilton, Paula Hanson, Tayla Hanson, Sara Hard, Melinda Harwood, Jeffrey Hauck, Samantha Haudenshild, Jenifer Havird, Shaydawn Hayden, Nico Hebert, Maricella Hernandez, Stephany Hernandez Gonzalez, Brianna Hershman, Karl Hess, Abigail Heverly, Jesse Hill, Ryan Hill, Mindy Hogan, Luke Homfeldt, Jessica House, Arlene Howard, Layne Howell, Shyann Hundley, Yanitza Hurtado Mora, Shannon Inman, Destini Ishmael, Jade Jackson, Paul Jennings, Jessie Johnson, Ligia Johnson, Natalia Juarez Flores, Wesley Kalbus, Anthony Kash IV, Emily Kasper, Randall Kelley, Kelsey Kidner, Roberta Kidwell, Melissa Koehly, Brittany Kostecka, Shannon Kristensen, Andreya LaGrutta, Patricia Lamb, Cynthia Lambdin, Mark Larsen, Kimberly Lashley, Miriam Levesque, Jannette Lewis, Nicole Lopez, Benard Luff, Emilee Lukens, Jessica Lundberg, Linsie Mabee, Lorena Magana, Xiaoli Mao, Ethel Massey, Sareena Matthews, Evelyne McCalister, Dylan McClure, Melissa McClure, Rebecca McCluskey, George McKillip, Debra McNully, Elexxus McWillie, Frederick Means, Elayna Melville, Maria Millard, Darius Miller, Windy Milne, Jose Mis, Martin Monti, Gillian Moore, Myles Moore, Crystal Moreno, Juan Moreno, Morgan Morrill, James Mossett, Tiffani Munjar, Jordan Munoz, Daniel Munsey, William Nash, Jenny Naylor, Michael Neider, Karlee New, Sheridan Nickelson, Carly Oberlin, Mikayla Obersinner, Maria Ocampo, Melanie Olson, Jon Parrish, Christina Patton, Simone Pearce, Jessica Perez, Fatima Pinedo, Marina Pla, Amber Preston, Kage Raber, Catherine Raffaelly, Wilber Ramirez, Marissa Ramsey, Skyler Reasoner, Cedrick Reed, Kevin Renslow, Tiffany Roberts, Mikayla Robinette, Bruce Romero, Elizabeth Ross, Kaylin Roth, Bethani Rourk, Selena Rubio, Karla Ruelas-Rangel, Kassidy Russell, Caroline Ryan, Laura Sanchez, Darcia Schaefer, Julia Schatten, Breeze Scott, Sheea Scott, Kristina Sekavec, Tammatha Shields, Adam Siegel, Brianna Smith, Jaime Smith, Gabrielle Spriggs, Cole Stevens, Saidee Stewart, Julianna Stier, Joy Storer, Peter Storum, Chandler Strode, Chelsea Sumner, Jade Taber, Alexander Thomas, Bailey Thueson, Melinda Tigue, Cary Toner, Chase Trumbly, Austin Turner, Cali Valenzuela, Vanessa Vaughan, Candace Victor, Yoanna Villanueva-Romero, Cailey Wagner, Emma Wagner, Niles Walter, Thomas Ward, Corissa Weaver, Devin Weber, Sara Welsh, Tracy Wicker-Sawyer, Ashley Williams, Tricia Winter, Haley Wonser, Kallie Wood, Chelsea Yeager, Olivia Yoder.

Dean’s List – Fall 2019
Andrew Abel, Joshua Alberts, Alesa Alekseyenko, Delilah Alloway-Williams, Christen Ames, Ana Baker, Cheyenne Ballard, Kelsey Box, Lyle Brewer, James Clair, David Clark, Gabriel Cobian, Kaitlin Coleman, Kenzie Cooper, Brooklyn Cunningham, Gabriella D'Andrea, Nicole DeOliveira-Tobias, Dale Ervin, Jason Farrell, Brandi Gilmore-Johnson, Brisa Gomez, Bailey Guido, Erin Gunn, David Hamilton, Bryan Hankins, Trenton Higgins, Campbell Hill, Shyanne Inman, Dylan Johnson, Frank Kanady, Karlee Keoni, Brenden Ketchum, Hayden Lam, Sandra Lambdin, Kristen Langdon, Jadon Lawson, Carena Lyons, John Mantell, Nancy Mantell, Alexis Marques, Gary Mauro, Joshua McEver, Alexia Mendez, Haidyn Mendoza, Michael Mitchell, Manuel Montano- Ramirez, Jeanette Moon, Rachel Moore, Rebecca Morad, Barry Morphew, Abigail Orella, Miguel Perez, Tonia Piccola, Madison Richards, Gerardo Rios Andrade, Stephanie Rizo Lopez, Hannah Rush, Silas Sanchas, Brandon Santisteban, Carin Schlotthauer, Christopher Schneider, David Schneider, Jennifer Schneider, David Seymour-Howell, Joseph Sinnwell, Carly Smith, Shane Smith, Carlos Soto-Mendez, Sienna Stephan, Dawayne Telkamp, Kayla Thueson, Kathryn Tofell, Issac Valle, Ellyne Vaughn, Spencer Walker, Paige Warfle, Christopher Whisenhunt, Jessica Williams, Mckela Wing, Jason Wright, Tommi Wynne, Lucas Zoll.
Honor Roll (10 plus credits) – Fall 2019
Brittney Agard, Morgan Allison, Amanda Amundson, Fransisco Bernal, Jatanna Briones, Stephen Budnick, Israel Chandler, Cameron Cloud, Savannah Coggswell, Katelyn Collier, Ermina Coronas-Shapland, Tempie Crandall, Christopher Curtis, Emily Davies, Emily Decker, Tandie Decker, McKenzie Elzner, Daniel Fallon, Shannon Feinauer, Johnathon- Jay Fernandez, Ashli Flores, Alexander Furber, Tia Gallagher, Josh Gonzalez, Savannah Goucher, Ivy Grant, Kelley Grey, Aubrey Hagge, Ezequiel Hernandez, Nai-Zenyazeth Herrera, Beau Hunter, LaRee Jayne, Jesse Kasik, Ashlie Kitzman, Joshua Klopfenstein, Brian Kruppa, Karina Lagunas-Zarate, Alyceia LaJaye, Jose Lepe, Echo Levey, Alfredo Luna-Garcia, Patricia Maughan, Chelsea McCadden, Alyssa  Mcfall, Leticia McGonigle, Jennifer McKernan, Alyssa Mendez, Brenda Mendoza, Tyler Meyer, Jirrad Morris, Devinn Newland, Austin Nicosia, Lourie O'Roake, Nathan Oksen, Marco Ortiz, Talythah Pena, Camilla Peterson, Julie Phillips, Leane Pita, Holdyn Polley, Tom Remien, Adrean Roberts, Rachael Sasser, Kayla Shepersky, Joseph Slemp, Aiden Smith, Jarron Tena, Emma Thompson, Louden Tyree, Ashley Underwood, Jonathan VillegasGonzales, Yanli Wang, Aubrey Westfall, Kenneth Winn, Abigail Yates, Ashley Zoll.

Honor Roll (6-9 credits) – Fall 2019
Kimberly Adams, Colten Alaniz, Aimee Albertson, Liana Alexander, Savannah Anderson, Kinsley Baker, Nicole Baker, Shannon Barker, Paige Barnett, Shanler Baumgart, Jasmine Becker, Crystal Benson, Baylee Berlt, Mimi Bhimla, Josiah Biddlecome, Rayanna Blair, Ragan Bodnar, Jenna Boehnen, Reagan Bonnell-Liddick, Christine Boos, Melinda Brady, Hope Brain, Ellexis Breazeale, Brent Breitbach, Jasmine Brown, Joanna Bruner, Aspen Buckingham, Daniel Buzalsky, Ryan Calkin, Divina Castaneda, Fernanda Clarin, Austin Clark, Jessica Clark, Jesse Cooley, Matthew Cooley, Alyssa Cooper, Courtney Cooper, Lauren Cooper, Michelle Crane, Heather Crowl, Tatiana Currie, Liezel Darling, Cody Davis, Iliana De Leon, Nicole Delgadillo, Angela Denney, Toni Dripps, Austin Easter, Karen Ellis, David Emmett, Katelyn Epling, Kaitlyn Eskildson, Dally Evans, Antonio Fernandez, Rachel Fick, Sara Fish, Jennifer Flanakin, Elizabeth Flores Dominguez, Desiree Flynn, Kyle Foriska, Katherine Fowler, David Fretag, Arnoldo Fuentes, Emily Galindo, Christa Garatea, Jorge Garcia, Trinity Garcia, Yasmin Garcia, Joel Garten, Melissa Geise, Sahara George, Ernest Gesner, Charles Gholson II, Daniel Gibson, Brandon Giller, Karina Gonzalez, Jayden Gookin, Carley Goyeneche, Theron Gray, Paige Hahn, Stephanie Hamann, Shelanee Hanisko, Kristina Harms, Trevor Harper, Karley Harshman, Haylie Hartman, Peter Haught, Rachael Heap, Jordan Heaton, Kimberly Hendrix, Luis Hernandez, Sarai Hernandez-Cobian, Jean Herrera, Oscar Herrera, Mabelith Herrera Ortiz, Cade Hesla, James Hess, Jordan Hevern, Damian Hobbs, Bryan Holmes, Mikayla Hudson, Kathryn Huffman-Marcussen, Daniela Jaramillo, Elizabeth Johnson, Cody Jones, Victoria Jorgensen, Kelsey Kanady, Jon Kellam, Kasey Kessler, Julia Ketcham, Jonathan Khou, Catherine Koughn, Katarina Kyle, Justin Lane, Brandie Lawver, Victoria Leeper, Brittiany Lewis, Tayton Leyva-Cunial, Jordan Linsley, Angelica Lopez, Cyennah Lopez, Cindy Malone, Christina Mark, Nick Maurer, Joseph Mendelssohn, Coral Mercado, Dwight Miller, Samantha Miller, Madelinn Mittan, Carolyn Moon, Karla Morales, LeShea Munoz, Rheanna Murillo, Veronica Najar, Shaunee Nelson, Jane Nicholson, Christopher Nixon, Tori Obersinner, Anna Owens, Sofia Padilla, Cody Paggen, Olivia Palacios, Valerie Panossian, Paige Paschke, Lyndsey Pearce, Maria Pena, Michael Pennington, Marco Perez, Sonya Perez, Brittany Powless, Shelby Puckett, Thomas Raby, Christy Rajnus, Manuel Ramirez, Sebastian Ramirez, Lizbeth Ramirez Hernandez, Scott Renslow, Kathryn Rich, Crystal Richardson, Keshia Richmond, Maria Rios-Andrade, Samantha Robertson, Adrienne Roth, Jasmine Rundall, Cory Santillie, Katherine Savage, Kimberlyann Scholtz, Ruth Simonsen, Rebecca Smith, Shawnee Stacy, Krista Starbuck, Aidan Stenkamp, Nicholas Stensether, Gina Sticklen, Joseph Stitzel, Traci Stockham, Michael Swift, Emily Teeter, Abigail Thompson, Will Thompson, Gloria Ureno-Lockwood, Lacee Valentine, Thomas Ward, Helen Washburn, Ty Whitman, Allison Willhite, Sunny Winchell, Elle Winn, Brian Wolgamott, Megan Wright, Maria Zambrano, Rebecca Zeleny, Sierra Zendejas.
An Oregon Senate bill that was signed into law July 1 was recently formalized at a signing ceremony in Salem with Gov. Kate Brown and representatives from Klamath Community College and Chemeketa Community College.

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