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KCC offers traditional degree and certificate programs, as well as quicker paths to promising careers and classes just for fun!

New students:

Step 1:     Apply online.

Step 2:    Check your email for a MyKCC username and password (can take up to 48 hours).

Step 3:    Go to MyKCC and check your admissions status. 

Step 4:    You are admitted to KCC! Now it's time for your Next Steps (financial aid, placement testing, advising, and registration).

Current KCC students (you've attended KCC within the last year):

Meet with a KCC student success advisor for academic advising and registration (you may also be recommended to meet with financial aid). For assistance, call the student services help line at 541-882-3521

Former KCC students (you haven't attended KCC in at least one year):

Meet with a KCC student success advisor or call Student Services at 541-882-3521.

Transfer students:

Follow the steps above and:

Send official college transcripts to KCC (contact your previous college(s) and request an official transcript be sent to KCC to transfer your credits).

If you have any questions please contact Admissions at 541-882-3521.
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By downloading the QLess App on your IOS or Android Device you can join the virtual line, manage your spot, see forecasted wait times, and get notified when you reach the front of the line!

Texting Commands:
  • L - Leave the queue, use this command when you need to exit a particular queue.
  • S - Status update, use this command when you want an update of your wait time and place in line.
  • M- More time, use this command to request additional time if you can't be in the area.
  • H - Help, use this command to get additional assistance with KlamathQ.
  • W - Switch, use this command to switch from text to voice call updates.
  • N# - Notify me in XX minutes, use this command to let KlamathQ know when to send an alert.

Click the icon, or navigate to to join the virtual line from any web browser.

Stop by the reception desk in Founders Hall and visit our kiosk to join the line. Our friendly staff is happy to help.

New Students

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Having Trouble?

Can't apply online? Email, including your full name and email address.


Print the paper admissions form, fill it out and email it to You can also bring it to Founders Hall on the KCC campus. We can admit you in person!

More Information

KCC now has one more way to give a big boost to student success! 15 to Finish will pay for three lecture credits to students who take 15 credits or more per term.

The Badger to Owl Connection (B2O) is a new program designed to promote college access, affordability, and bachelor's degree completion for more students — earn an accelerated associate degree at KCC, followed by a bachelor's degree at Oregon Tech.

Use this tool to estimate the cost of courses available at KCC.

Why come to Klamath Falls? Find out the many reasons why Klamath Falls is the place to be!

Through the Higher Education Act of 1965, there are many forms of financial assistance available to most students wishing to further their education.

Calendar of events for Oregon Promise's first year experience students. FYE includes educational and fun trips to various locations in our region, such as Southern Oregon University football games and informational and entertaining activities on campus.

KCC offers several ways to fund your education. From grants and scholarships to national and local programs, KCC has an option that is right for you.

KCC has an open-door, open-admissions policy and welcomes all students. Find out more information about enrollment, campus tours, and getting started on your college career.

KCC has many exciting opportunities for high school students. Learn how your high school students can get involved today!

Placement tests help ensure you take the correct classes.

See this page for articulation and transfer agreements for KCC and Eastern Oregon University, Linfield College, Oregon State University, Oregon Institute of Technology, and Southern Oregon University.

Information about the costs associated with attending KCC. Includes tuition costs, school fees, and other associated costs.

Find general information about the education benefits available to veterans and their eligible dependents and certify your student’s enrollment with the Veterans Administration.

Tour the KCC campus from the comfort of your couch with this virtual tour. Features 360 photos, guided tour videos and transcripts.


President’s List – Fall 2020
Kristal Alonzo, Tailys Alvarez Lamas, Sarah Anderson, William Anderson, Rheanna Atkinson, Chris Avila, Victoria Barajas, Timothy Bartlett, Ariel Belden, Baylee Berlt, Asmani Bhimla, Nicole Bland, Paislee Boyle, Chelsea Bramwell, Matthew Brewer, Jasper Brookins, Hailee Buckingham, Joshua Burkman, Caleb Carlton, Jade Carver, Kiley Castle, Israel Chandler, Sage Chaney, Sarah Cheaney, Stacy Clair-Johnson, Megan Clark, Tina Close, Daniel Cobb, Jacob Cook, Christopher Cooley, Kenzie Cooper, Tracey Cooper, Meghan Corbitt, Maria Corona, Jana Courtney, Daniel Crockett, John Croshal, Paula Crouch, Nathan Dahm, Austin Davies, Melinda Davies, Kyle Deiter, Madilyn Del Rosario, Malissa Desavedo, Hayley Dolan, Nichole Dotson, Sara Dragoon, Clinton Duncan, Brianna Eichelkraut, Tawni Ellis, Claudia Esparza, Rachel Ferguson, Seamus Fitzgerald, Brittany Gardner, Grant Gardner, Linnea Gebauer, Selma George, Kyle Gillette, Brittany Gilmore, Nathan Gilstrap, Andria Girard-Arceneaux, Dylan Glover, Emma Gnech, Martha Gomez Cerrillo, Jacob Gonzales, Charles Griffith, Kayla Guthrie, Dylan Guzman, Jaden Hakanson, Lucas Hall-Bailey, Samantha Hampton, James Hansen, Thomas Hargraves, Haylie Hartman, James Hasskamp, Elizabeth Heard- Pitt, Jordan Heaton, Kaylan Hedlund, Kimberly Hendrix, Julio Hernandez, Stephany Hernandez Gonzalez, Layne Howell, Katie Huck, Ariah Hunt-Kelly, Beau Hunter, Jacob Hunter, Liberty Husser, Shannon Inman, Jade Jackson, Pegan Jackson, Daniela Jaramillo, Anthony Jaskiewicz, LaRee Jayne, Abbigale Jeffrey, John Kahler, Emily Kasper, Rosa Keen, Brandon Keffer, Miranda Knight, Riley Knutson, Michael Koehly, Patricia Lamb, Daniel Lawrence, Manuel Lopez, Kyle Luft, Emilee Lukens, Cassidy Mahan, Rachel Mancini, John Mantell, Denise Martinez, Ethel Massey, Duwayne Matthews, Sareena Matthews, Will Maupin, Chelsea McCadden, Elayna Melville, Alexia Mendez, Daniel Mendez, Diane Miller, Dwight Miller, Nicole Mong, Hattie Montero, Michelle Monti, Carolyn Moon, Cory Moon, Janah Moorer, Rebecca Morad, Tiffany Muller, Tiffani Munjar, William Nash, Barbara Neely, Hailey Nelson, Melvin Nowak, Austin Nunn, Maria Ocampo, Natalya Opsahl, Maria Otero, Jose Panuco, Hailey Paz, Carmen Pena, Christopher Pena, Jessica Perez, Juan Perez, Shane Phillips, Marina Pla, Rebecca  Pollock, Susan Prochaska, Arturo Ramirez Hernandez, Lizbeth Ramirez Hernandez, Ailyn Ramirez Orozco, Veronica Reinke, Tom Remien, Madison Richards, Jacy Riddle, Madalynn Rinehart, Monique Rivera, Victoria Rivera, Stephanie Rizo Lopez, Kitija Roberts, Annika Rogers, Amber-Dawn Rowley, Ayesha Rush, Clayton Russell, Caroline Ryan, Amy Sampson, Alexander Sanchez, Cory Santillie, Joshua Schipper, Jasmine Schock, Kimberlyann Scholtz, Sheea Scott, Jon Sergi, Isabella Serrato-Mata, Laurel Shawhan, Tammatha Shields, Ruth Simonsen, Aaron Smith, Ashley Smith, Emmi Smith, Jaime Smith, Philip Smith, Heather Snoozy, Gabrielle Spriggs, Kassandra Strong, Emily Taylor, Emily Teeter, Corey Thompson, Daisy Torres, Gabriela Torres, Lacee Valentine, Candace Victor, Jonathan Villegas Gonzales, Joshua Villela, Connor Wade, Emma Wagner, Jessica Watson, Corissa Weaver, Charisse Wells, Landy Wells, Jeremy Wilds, Abbigail Williams, David Williams, Sunny Winchell, Kylee Witcraft, Trevor Workman, Micah Young.
Dean’s List – Fall 2020
Tialeise Adams-Rinard, Michael Aguilar, Shani Bareither, Chance Barimbao, Samuel Begley, Amber Blackmore, Nicholas Braden, Hope Brain, Jasmine Brewer, Rebecca Brooks, Stephen Budnick, Luke Carlin, Cara Carpenter, Joshua Carringer, Bryar Carter, Alexis Casey, Jaime Cerrillo, Audrey Cook, Emily Cook, Angel Cornwall, Dion Crume, Alexander Davenport, Emily Decker, Jaycie Deter, Cassidy Dix, Daniela Duran Reynoso, John Elbert, Sarah English, Shelbi Enzenauer-Sereni, Braydie Fanning, Ashton Fields, Kyle Foriska, Garet Fox, Holly Gallagher, Jacklyn Gallimore, Guilen Garcia, Tricia Gardner, Julie Gates, Charles Gholson II, Joseph Gilman, Roberto Guzman, Marnie Hackbarth, Austin Hanson, Crystal Harding, Jenifer Havird, Amanda Hawthorne, Wellsley Hehr, Ashley Henry, Brianna Hershman, Gracie Hess, Mindy Hogan, Shi Holden, Samantha Hucke, Yanitza Hurtado Mora, Paul Jennings, Tyler Jordre, Shawn Keen, David Knight, Jaden Knodel, Brittany Kostecka, Kristen Langdon, Mark Larsen, Jannette Lewis, Nicole Lopez, Kevin Lynn, Nancy Mantell, Tina McAllister, Andrea Mccleery, Melissa McClure, Leticia McGonigle, Joseph Mendelssohn, Corey Middlemas, Manuel Montano- Ramirez, Callie Moore, Morgan Morrill, Vanessa Navarro, Joan Pena Suarez, Brandi Ruby, Brandon Santisteban, Nikkilas Shumway, Nancy Spicer, Julianna Stier, Zoeie Taylor-Schoenstein, Kira Thomas, Will Thompson, Joshua Thurman, Melinda Tigue, Fernando Torres, Bridget Vargas, Melissa Wagy, Devin Weber, Dalton Wickersham, Megan Wright.
Honor Roll (10 plus credits) – Fall 2020
Hazel Abuya, Jesse Alonso, Erin August, Eric Baker, Colby Barrington, Chantel Bearchum, Savannah Benjamins, Joshua Braband, Jesse Brown, Yuridian Chavolla-Villanueva, Jessica Clark, Keller Clingman, Michael Cummings, Henry Day Story, Jennifer Elder, McKenzie Elzner, Juan Garcia Silva, Jonathan Gates, Danyale Golden, Kristian Gonzalez, Mason Gray, Avery Grove, Joshua Hammack, Jeffrey Hauck, Joanna Henry, Shyanne Inman, Anita Johnson, Janie Jones, Frank Kanady, Davis King, Karlee Kiss, Brittiany Lewis, John Maldonado, Michelle Martin, Kimberly McReynolds, Ethan Milligan, Teonney Monteith, Melanie Olson, Abigail Orella, Travis Pace, Julie Phillips, Richard Potwin, Krystal Prieto, Tina Reynolds, Ian Robinson, Vladimir Rodriguez, Julia Schatten, Ramiro Silva, Ashley Singhose, Joseph Slemp, Mackenzie Smith, Krystian Stringer, Clinton Taylor, Yanli Wang, Simon Williams.
Honor Roll (6-9 credits) – Fall 2020
Avelina Alfaro, Angelica Alonzo, Cambria Amacker, Jordan Anderson, Travis Baiza, Ana Baker, Kinsley Baker, Steven Baker, Jacob Baldwin, Bradlyn Baley, Maria Banuelos, Lydia Bard, Raelene Barrows, Evalyn Baun, Brianna Beaver, Grace Berardino, Frank Bertalot, Beverly Biernot, Sarah Blanton, Kelsey Box, Thomas Bradley, Debra Brant, Kailee Brimmer, Nathan Brink, Elizabeth Brown, Kayla Brown, Isaac Brunnbauer, Katelynn Buckley, Mylee Budden, Idaly Bustillos, Charles Caffrey, Rachel Carlisle, Tyler Caster, Jordan Castil, Kelcie Cervelli, Lucero Chavarin, Chantel Chavez, Elizabeth Clark, Madison Clark, Miguel Cobian, Saul Cobian Garcia, Mitchell Cole, Aaliyah Conley, Alyssa Cooper, Courtney Cooper, Rachel Cox, Carly Cragun, Layla Crain, Zachary Crow, Heather Crowl, Cassidy Cunningham, Helen Dalke, Taryn Dance, Kylie Daws, Mariah De Leon, David De Los Santos, Jonathan De Los Santos, Austyn Deal, Kelsi Deal, Sitaly Dejong, Nicole DeOliveira-Tobias, James DeVault, Bryan Downing, Brynn Duffy, John DuVal, Tyler Ebner, Joshua Eldredge, Breana Erickson, Kyndall Felsinger, Connor Fitzgerald, Jennifer Flanakin, Elizabeth Flores Dominguez, Desiree Flynn, Maria Fonseca-Bigham, Aaron Franklin, Darci Frederick, Bailey Gagneur, Katelyn Gailey, Yasmin Garcia, Eric Genge, Naomi Gomez, Sadie Gooch, Bailey Guido, Nataly Guzman, Emmalynn Hanna, Trevor Harper, Shaydawn Hayden, Nathan Hendrickson, Luis Hernandez, Nora Hernandez, Nicholas Herrera, Charelle Hescock, James Hess, Austen Heuberger, Jesse Hill, Benjamin Hoegee, Hailey Holmgren, Samuel Horwitt, Mikayla Hudson, Kathryn Huffman-Marcussen, Andrea Huston, David Jackson, Emily Ann Johnson, James Johnson, Annette Jones, Kala Jones, Alain Joseph, Judah Koehler, Taylor Kolosik, Nichole Lahn, Alyceia LaJaye, Sandra Lambdin, Perla Lambert, Patricia Langley, Tymber Lantz, Jordyn Lee, Casandra Lee-Langley, Sarah Leist, Tayton Leyva-Cunial, Daniel Licea Rojo, Slaiden Long, Angelica Lopez, Jessee Lovelace, Alfredo Luna-Garcia, Jessica Lundberg, Cindy Malone, Annmarie Marotti, Joshua Martin, Jessica Mata, Victoria McCurdy, Stephen McElroy, Sheila McKay, Samantha McKinnon, Garrett McNair, Hailey McNally, Debra McNully, Kyli Melsness, Marcelina Mendez, Sagrario Mendez, Saige Mendoza, Jaxon Merhoff, Melinda Miller, Windy Milne, Bethany Mittan, Cheyenne Monk, Martin Monti, Amelia Moore, Brenna Morgan, Barry Morphew, Kali Moser, Gissell Murillo, Naomi Nash, Jade Newell, Devinn Newland, Andrew Nielsen, Lourie O'Roake, Tori Obersinner, Alex OMalley, Paige Orlando, Reynaldo Ortega, Delight Osita, Olivia Palacios, Paige Paschke, Sohan Patel, Christina Patton, Clinton Patzke, Maria Pena, Denise Pershall, Izabelle Pool, Kadin Price, Logan Price, Lane Randall, Jillian Reasoner, Gilberto Reyes Pardo, Jessica Rice, Kathryn Rich, Marailyn Rios Ramirez, Jasmine Robertson, Celia Rodgers, Ashley Rogers, Patrick Ross, Christina Ruelas, Karla Ruelas-Rangel, Susan Ruiz-Tyree, Jasmine Rundall, Paige Ryckewaert, Alexander Salazar, Rheanna Salisbury, Erik Salyer, Daniela Sanchez-Leon, Emma Santos, Carin Schlotthauer, David Schneider, Kristina Sekavec, Kory Sloan, Brian Sorto, Brooke Spiker, Zara St. Clair, Jacquiline Swain, Teresa Taylor, Dawayne Telkamp, Carlene Thompson, Emma Thompson, Jacob Thompson, Reed Tobiasson, Cary Toner, Berva Tupper, Rachel Vaca, Kurt Wada, Yonghua Wang, Myra Whipple, Brandon Whitney, James Wiganowsky, Austin Willmott, Holley Wilson, Warren Winder, Mckela Wing, Tricia Winter, Marie Wolgamott, Emily Wood, Jeanna Woolen, Charlie Xu, Rebecca Zeleny.
Klamath Community College is pleased to announce that The Ford Family Foundation has awarded the college a $100,000 Community Building Spaces Capital Grant to help fund construction of an Apprenticeship Center.
Klamath Community College is pleased to announce it has received a generous $100,000 donation from former Hewlett-Packard president, John Young, to help fund construction of an Apprenticeship Center that will house apprenticeship and training facilities for skilled trades at KCC.

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