Criminal Justice

The criminal justice program is offered to students interested in criminal justice and related careers. Students will gain exposure to a broad curriculum of criminal justice studies which stress both practical knowledge and theory.

Students will be academically qualified for positions requiring a two-year degree in fields such as law enforcement, corrections, and related fields. This program may also prepare students for transfer to a four-year college or university for further study in criminal justice or a related field.

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Regional Employment Forecast

Hourly Salary Range (Klamath Area):
$19.30 - $38.08
Hourly Salary Range (State of Oregon):
$23.65 - $39.16
Area Employment Projections: Projected growth (2014-2024) in the Klamath area is 4.3%. Projected growth in the state of Oregon is 4%.
Statewide Employment Analysis: The total number of job openings is projected to be much higher than the statewide average number of job openings for all occupations through 2024. This occupation is expected to grow at a much slower rate than the statewide average growth rate for all occupations through 2024. Educational Requirements: The typical entry level education for this occupation is a high school diploma or equivalent. Those with an Associate's degree have a competitive advantage in the labor market.

All data was gathered from the State of Oregon Employment Department
Data provided for a law enforcement position. For a different employment forecast please visit the State of Oregon's Employment Department.

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Program Advisor

Dean Chris Stickles
Dean of Career Technical Education
Criminal Justice Program Lead
7390 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Q & A 

What will I learn in this program?

In the criminal justice program you will learn the basics of law and the justice system. We offer classes in investigative techniques, arrest and interrogation, as well as ethics. KCC also offers a certificate in addiction studies that is the first step to you becoming an addiction counselor.

Is this program just for those who want to become law enforcement officers?

While the criminal justice program is mostly geared towards those who want a career in law enforcement, the program does offer the foundation to becoming a counselor or a forensic science technician.

How accurate are shows like CSI?

Not really accurate at all. According to How Stuff Works, there is quite a bit of inaccuracy in the show. In reality investigations and processing evidence takes quite a bit longer than Hollywood would make it seem. Also crime scene investigators do not deal directly with suspects, and CSI's are only one part of a larger investigatory team.