Core Theme 1 - Access

KCC provides regional access and a broad array of educational opportunities and services. A vision for future growth in access to education and services is addressed by the Access strategic Initiative, matching the Access core theme. There are two Objectives in this Core Theme, containing six measures that KCC departments use for planning and evaluation purposes.

In this section

Objective 1.1: The college will provide seamless pathways from high schools to KCC, into KCC programs, and from KCC to other institutions.
  • Access to college classes while in high school.(Accelerated Learning)
    • How well are we doing at providing access points to high school students?
  • Students successfully entering certificates or degrees
    • How effective are we at helping students into meaningful degree programs?
  • Transfer agreement analysis – no loss of credit
    • How effectively are we providing avenues for seamless transfer?
Objective 1.2. Increase student access to KCC through availability of educational opportunities in a variety of formats and locations.
  • Student access to instruction in a variety of modalities
    • How well are we doing at providing access points to students in distant locations?
  • Access to higher education for identified at-risk populations
    • How effective are we at helping populations with identified barriers successfully enter higher education?