Strategic Plan

Planning at all levels of the college is highly participatory. In keeping with the College’s culture of inclusiveness and transparency, KCC’s planning processes offer widespread opportunities for input by appropriate constituencies. From advisory boards for academic programs to shared governance and strategic planning, public and employee participation is highly sought after.  

Like most other plans at the College, the strategic planning process solicits extensive public, Board of Education, and KCC employee input. The College’s strategic plan serves as the unifying element that takes into account the needs of the community, the mission of the College, efforts of the College’s internal departments, and the budgeting process.

KCC is in the second cycle of its current strategic planning series. The first cycle of strategic planning began in 2013. At that time, the president and the board chair asked for a new strategic plan series that would:

  • be highly inclusive of the public and all college departments,
  • give all departments a sense of meaning and forward vision,
  • be integrated with the budget process,
  • be a grass-roots, department-centered system, and
  • remain a vibrant, living document at the forefront of all College activities. 

Developing the Strategic Plan included public workshops with campus tours for local business leaders, political leaders, the National Guard at Kingsley Field, K-12 districts, and regional agencies. Additional work sessions were held for all campus departments and the Board of Education. From their input derived a set of recommendations that became the strategic initiatives and their descriptions. Each initiative was intentionally phrased to match a part of the College mission statement (these vital parts of the mission are called "core themes"), that in turn, aligns with language in all academic and non-academic department plans. The College’s annual budget process incorporates the matching elements of the mission, core themes, initiatives, and department plans.

The first plan and related department plans — termed "Strategic Plan 1.0"   were implemented in September 2014 and had a three-year life cycle. Plan 1.0 ended in 2017, with an accomplishment report mailed to the community.

The College took one year to evaluate the process, re-connect with community organizations and all college departments to develop Plan 2.0. This Plan launched in September 2018 and will have a three-year life cycle.

For more information, see our Strategic Plan FAQs page.

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