Mission Fulfillment

Are we fulfilling our mission? 

Answering this question is an integral part of the Strategic Planning and Budget processes.  Every year, each department at the college provides information about their year-to-date actions and successes that help fulfill the mission.

Mission Fulfillment infographicMission Fulfillment connections
To close the loop, the departments in turn use the data for planning, budget requests, and evaluating progress. The departmental goals collectively aim at specific targets in addition to their department's own unique goals.

This infographic shows now department plans and their data help us understand how we are fulfilling the Strategic Initiatives, which connect directly to the Core Themes, which in turn connect directly to the Mission. (see graphic)

Below are descriptions of each Core Theme that are part of mission fulfillment, along with the measures.  A full report with current data is located at the bottom of the page.

Mission fulfillment goals and targets

Core Theme 1 - Access

KCC provides regional access and a broad array of educational opportunities and services. A vision for future growth in access to education and services is addressed by the Access strategic Initiative, matching the Access core theme. There are two Objectives in this Core Theme, each containing measures that KCC departments use for planning and evaluation purposes.

 Objective 1.1: The college will provide seamless pathways from high schools to KCC, into KCC programs, and from KCC to other institutions.
  • Access to college classes while in high school.(Accelerated Learning)
    • How well are we doing at providing access points to high school students?
  • Students successfully entering certificates or degrees
    • How effective are we at helping students into meaningful degree programs?
  • Transfer agreement analysis - no loss of credit
    • How effectively are we providing avenues for seamless transfer?
Objective 1.2. Increase student access to KCC through availability of educational opportunities in a variety of formats and locations.
  • Student access to instruction in a variety of modalities
    • How well are we doing at providing access points to students in distant locations?
  • Access to higher education for identified at-risk populations
    • How effective are we at helping populations with identified barriers successfully enter higher education?

Core Theme 2 - Quality

KCC ensures consistently high-quality learning opportunities and services to our students and the community.  A vision for future improvements in the quality of education and services is addressed by the Excellence strategic Initiative. In the past five years the college’s growing focus in improving quality of service have been in the areas of job descriptions, qualifications and pay, understanding student satisfaction with services, and deploying data analysis wherever possible.  

Objective 2.1. Ensure that faculty and staff are qualified.
  • Faculty qualifications
  • Employee satisfaction
Objective 2.2. Ensure quality  instruction.
  • Evaluations of instruction quality
  • Courses assessing Learning Outcomes
Objective 2.3. Ensure high-quality support services.
  • Student satisfaction - support services & Academic Advising

Core Theme 3 - Community

KCC serves a large, rural, and sparsely populated geographic region. A vision for future growth in meeting the needs of of students, businesses, and community is addressed by the Community Partnership strategic Initiative. Within the local community, requests are continually increasing for the college to act as an economic engine, to promote the betterment of business, education, and the quality of life. A significant request is that the college help improve the local economy. Future discussions of measuring economic impact may include developing a wide set of measures.

Objective 3.1. Foster small business success, entrepreneurial activities, and workforce improvement.

  1.      Business & Entrepreneurship
    • How well are we doing at improving local business?

Objective 3.2. Provide educational opportunity to all students regardless of socio-economic status.

  1.      Access to Financial Aid
    • How well are we doing at helping students manage financial aid?
  2.      Equity
    • How well are we providing a culturally appreciative environment?

Objective 3.3. Meet the needs of our diverse community by evaluating existing instructional programs and creating new instructional programs when appropriate.

  1.      Program growth
    • How effectively are we improving and increasing our programs?
  2.      Program viability
    • How well are we doing at evaluating our programs?
  3.      Grant funding
    • How effectively are we diversifying our funding streams?

Core Theme 4 - Student Success

The College is committed to helping students earn living wage jobs through degree programs, certificates, and training. KCC forms partnerships and agreements with organizations and agencies that result in opportunities for student success, including events and/or offices from these organizations located on campus. A vision for future improvements in student success is addressed by the Prosperity strategic Initiative.

KCC’s long-standing student success metrics are Student Retention, Developmental Education enrollment, Success/DFW rates, and Student Completion. In the past few years there has been increased attention to job placement, especially targeted in the "Student Success Initiatives" (retention, completion, income attainment, job placement).

Objective 4.1. Provide support for students to obtain the necessary skills for either entry into a job or transfer to a 4-year degree that relates to their field.

  1.      Student Completion - degrees and certificates
  2.      Student Transfer
  3.      Student certification pass rate
  4.      Student use of career services

Objective 4.2. Provide adults the opportunity to obtain necessary skills in reading, writing, and math.

  1.      Student progress - developmental education

Objective 4.3. Provide education opportunities to non-degree seeking community members.

  1.      Student Completion - workforce

Mission Fulfillment Report

Click here to view the report.