Mission Fulfillment

Planning at all levels of the college is highly participatory. In keeping with the College’s culture of inclusiveness and transparency, KCC’s planning processes offer widespread opportunities for input by appropriate constituencies. From advisory boards for academic programs to shared governance and strategic planning, public and employee participation is highly sought after.

Like most other plans at the College, the strategic planning process solicits extensive public, Board of Education, and KCC employee input. The College’s strategic plan serves as the unifying element that takes into account the needs of the community, the mission of the College, efforts of the College’s internal departments, and the budgeting process.

KCC is in the third cycle of its current strategic planning series. The guiding principles for KCC's Strategic Plan are:

  • to be highly inclusive of the public and all college departments,
  • to give all departments a sense of meaning and forward vision,
  • to be integrated with the budget process,
  • to be a grass-roots, department-centered system, and
  • remain a vibrant, living document at the forefront of all College activities.

This Mission Fulfillment report is a companion to the Strategic Plan to provide measurements towards fulfilling the mission of the College. The intention of this report is to provide a subset of widely used data the college uses to make decisions. This subset contains relevant data which the college uses with regularity to gauge successes and areas for improvements.

The IPEDS Data Feedback Report provides comparable data to colleges of similar characteristics to KCC.

Klamath Community College Mission Statement

Klamath Community College provides accessible, quality education and services in response to the diverse needs of the student, business, and community. The College supports student success in workforce training, academic transfer, foundational skills development, and community education