Core Theme 3 - Community

KCC serves a large, rural, and sparsely populated geographic region. A vision for future growth in meeting the needs of of students, businesses, and community is addressed by the Community Partnership strategic Initiative. Within the local community, requests are continually increasing for the college to act as an economic engine, to promote the betterment of business, education, and the quality of life. A significant request is that the college help improve the local economy. Future discussions of measuring economic impact may include developing a wide set of measures.

In this section

Objective 3.1. Foster small business success, entrepreneurial activities, and workforce improvement.

  1.      Business & Entrepreneurship
    • How well are we doing at improving local business?

Objective 3.2. Provide educational opportunity to all students regardless of socio-economic status.

  1.      Access to Financial Aid
    • How well are we doing at helping students manage financial aid?
  2.      Equity
    • How well are we providing a culturally appreciative environment?

Objective 3.3. Meet the needs of our diverse community by evaluating existing instructional programs and creating new instructional programs when appropriate.

  1.      Program growth
    • How effectively are we improving and increasing our programs?
  2.      Program viability
    • How well are we doing at evaluating our programs?
  3.      Grant funding
    • How effectively are we diversifying our funding streams?