Core Theme 4 - Student Success

The College is committed to helping students earn living wage jobs through degree programs, certificates, and training. KCC forms partnerships and agreements with organizations and agencies that result in opportunities for student success, including events and/or offices from these organizations located on campus. A vision for future improvements in student success is addressed by the Prosperity strategic Initiative.

KCC’s long-standing student success metrics are Student Retention, Developmental Education enrollment, Success/DFW rates, and Student Completion. In the past few years there has been increased attention to job placement, especially targeted in the “Student Success Initiatives” (retention, completion, income attainment, job placement).

In this section

Objective 4.1. Provide support for students to obtain the necessary skills for either entry into a job or transfer to a 4-year degree that relates to their field.

  1.      Student Completion – degrees and certificates
  2.      Student Transfer
  3.      Student certification pass rate
  4.      Student use of career services

Objective 4.2. Provide adults the opportunity to obtain necessary skills in reading, writing, and math.

  1.      Student progress – developmental education

Objective 4.3. Provide education opportunities to non-degree seeking community members.

  1.      Student Completion - workforce