Regional Employment Forecast

Annual Salary RangeAnnual Salary Range Graph
2017-2027 Employment Projection
State Employment Projection
Entry Level Educational Requirements:
Entry Level Education Requirements

All data was gathered from the
State of Oregon Employment Department.
Data is provided for a psychiatric technician position. For a different employment forecast, visit the
State of Oregon Employment Department.
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Q & A 

What kind of job can I get with an AGS in Psychology?

For anyone wanting a career in counseling, teaching, research, mental health and human services, business, human relations, parole and probation, career and school counseling, marketing, and many other careers, the KCC psychology program is a great place to begin. The versatility of this degree program is unmatched.

What if I want to transfer?

Students who complete the degree and wish to further their education will then discover the continuity that ties the KCC psychology program to various higher-ed institutions for seamless, no loss of credit, transfer options.
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Daniel Sheahan
Psychology Lead
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