Associate of Arts, Oregon Transfer - Mathematics Emphasis

The Emphasis in Mathematics is most appropriate for students interested in general mathematics or those who want to pursue a career in a STEM-based field. Mathematics will teaches the art of disciplined and logical thought, skills that are very valuable to future employers. In addition, many employers and other academic disciplines recognize that a degree in mathematics is evidence of a high-level of training in problem solving. A mathematics degree prepares students for work in fields like engineering, computer programming, information technology, financial planning, data management, business, and education.

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This program may provide prior learning credit and extended learning opportunities for persons previously or currently employed in related professions.

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Available Degrees and Certificates with Curriculum Maps

Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AA-OT)


What does a transfer degree mean?

The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree prepares students to transfer to an Oregon university with the guarantee that the student has met all of the lower-division general education requirements for the Oregon universities.

Upon acceptance at an Oregon university, the student is given “junior status” for registration purposes.

The AAOT does not guarantee admissions into specific departments or programs and does not guarantee admission into the student’s Oregon university of choice.

Careers in Mathematics

Median Annual Salary

  • United States:
  • Oregon State:
  • Klamath  Region:

2021-2031 Employment Projection

33% Growth

Entry Level Educational Requirements:

Bachelor's Degree

Prospective Jobs

Operations Research Analyst Mathematical Scientist Statistician
Mathematics Teacher  Financial Analysts Mathematician


All data was gathered from the State of Oregon Employment Department and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Data provided for a Fitness Trainer position. For a different employment forecast please visit the State of Oregon Employment Department.

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