Digital Media and Design

Digital Media Design

Median Annual Salary

United States:
Oregon State:
Klamath Region:
Data provided for a graphic designer position. For a different employment forecast, visit the State of Oregon Employment Department website.

Prospective Jobs

Artist Desktop publisher Computer user support specialist
Media and communication worker Multimedia artist Web developer

2019-2029 Employment Projection

11.6% Growth

Entry Level Educational Requirements:

Associate Degree
+ Curriculum Maps & Outcomes
+ Degrees & Certificates
+ Courses
+ Distance Education
+ Transfers & Articulations

Soon to come!

Q & A 

Do you need your own computer/camera/phone for this program?

While having your own laptop is not a requirement of the program yet, it may be one in the future. Having your own laptop will make your time with the digital media design program significantly easier. That being said, our state-of-the-art studio has plenty of camera and audio equipment to check out, so purchasing a camera is not a requirement. As for phones, it is not required to provide your own; our instructors have several testing phones for you to use.

What content management system do you teach?

We teach the free open-source WordPress content management system. You will learn to create a complete website, from installing WordPress on your hosting site to creating a child theme.

Do you program for Android/PC or Apple?

Hopefully in the future we will program for both, but we currently program for Android/PC. You will learn to create Android apps using MIT's App Inventor and Android Studio. You will learn to create video games using C# and Unity for both PC and Android.

What game engine do you use for video game and augmented reality creation?

The digital media design program uses Unity as the preferred gaming engine/development platform. Unity is free for personal use; it offers cross platform compatibility and augmented/virtual reality capability.
Program Advisor
Jim Stoutamore
Digital Media Program Lead
7390 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97603