Digital Media Design

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KCC's Digital Media Design program teaches videography, video game design,digital marketing, graphic design, and social media. Students learn by doing, creating visuals for digital platforms. They develop important skills for today's competitive digital market. Students learn important skills like graphic design basics and how social media works to prepare graduates for careers in digital media.

For more information regarding credentialing and accreditation please see the Accreditation page.

This program may provide prior learning credit and extended learning opportunities for persons previously or currently employed in related professions.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Principles of digital marketing.
  • Digital advertising including social media advertising.
  • Graphic design, web design, video game design, and photo/video fundamentals.
  • Creation of digital content including video, webpages, social media content, digital images, and more!

How Will I Learn It?

You will have 24/7 access to the online classroom, learning resources, and support. With no set class times, your learning will be flexible to you.

At KCC you will have everything you need to achieve your learning goals!

Available Degrees and Certificates with Curriculum Maps

Learn why Digital Media Design at KCC is right for you.

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Careers in Digital Media

Median Annual Salary

  • United States:
  • Oregon State:
  • Klamath Region:

2023-2033 Employment Projection

2.6% Growth

Entry Level Educational Requirements:

Associate Degree


Prospective Jobs

Jobs in digital media
Artist Desktop publisher Computer user support specialist
Media and communication worker Multimedia artist Web developer
Data provided for a graphic designer position. For a different employment forecast, visit the State of Oregon Employment Department website.


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