Transfer Credit Acceptance Policy

Transfer Policies

International students interested in transferring credits to KCC from another institution must be aware of the following policies:

  • ​Credits are accepted only from regionally accredited colleges and universities.
  • An official transcript listing the credits must be received by the Registrar’s office at KCC. Once the transcript is received, it will not be released to a non-contracted third party, including other institutions. For the purpose of proper advisement, transcripts should be sent to KCC prior to enrollment.
  • Student must be admitted as an undergraduate student.
  • Transfer credits do not count for residency purposes.
  • A grade of “C” or higher is accepted in transfer work. Pass (P) and Satisfactory (S) grades are also transferable.
  • Undergraduate and prerequisite coursework will be evaluated for transfer.
  • Career Technical (CTE) coursework older than five (5) years may transfer at program lead approval.
  • Only credits which carry transfer credit to other state colleges and universities in Oregon will be accepted for the AA-OT degree.
  • General education courses earned as part of an associate’s or higher degree are accepted for transfer as long as they are not part of the technical core requirements of the new degree.
  • When credit is denied, the student may appeal for reconsideration by submitting a letter of explanation to the Registrar. If there is a question on course content, the course will be reviewed by the dean and/or faculty in that subject area.
  • Only the official transcript and course evaluations performed by the KCC Registrar’s office are final. Any preliminary reviews by campus personnel are unofficial and not binding, and subject to change.
  • Transfer credits based on a different unit of credit or academic calendar system than the one prescribed by KCC are subject to conversion before being transferred.
  • Transfer credit must be deemed appropriately applicable for a student’s educational goals as well as the institution’s programs.

International Transcript Translation & Evaluation

All foreign transcripts must be translated into U.S. education standards by the evaluation service These services charge an evaluation fee that cannot be waived. We will not make exceptions to the list of accepted providers or the need for original documents.

Klamath Community College only accepts course-by-course transcript evaluations with GPA from the following services:

Official Transcripts

Students must sumit official transcripts for transfer credit consideration.

Official transcripts are:

  • Provided by the secondary school, college, or university where you completed your degree or course work.
  • Received by KCC Admissions in a sealed envelope mailed directly from the issuing institution or through electronically through Parchment. 
  • Issued in the original language of the institution or by an approved transcript evaluation agency.


It takes up to 2 months to process transfer credits, so please begin this process as early as possible.