Student Success

At Klamath Community College (KCC), data and feedback have been established as top priorities. The college has administered the Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE) for the previous three years, and has sought feedback through on-campus surveys and student forums.

Working with expert Achieving the Dream coaches and data coaches, the College will focus on building its institutional research capacity and will:

  • Build best practices for data collection
  • Determine areas and departments in need of additional research data
  • Establish processes for using data to inform institutional changes

In addition to the institutional level commitment to student success, the state of Oregon has passed legislation outlining an ambitious goal for 40% of Oregon residents to earn associates degrees or certificates by 2025. This plan reflects the states’ and KCC’s commitment to acting intentionally within a culture of measuring, learning and adapting to improve student success. KCC is proud to become an Achieving the Dream institution. The culture of evidence developed through this partnership will support student success goals.