CTL continuity plan

The CTL Team believes that preparation is the key to success. Learn about our plan for continued success for any circumstances that may arise.

From time-to-time, we are faced with possible emergencies that can disrupt Klamath Community College and cause the campus to close. In order to be prepared for any type of emergency where campus may be closed it is important to have your class "online-ready".

Emergency closures may consist of (but not limited to):
  • Inclement weather.
  • Natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, blizzards).
  • Health (outbreaks, pandemic, influenza).
It is crucial to plan ahead. Get started today!
Step 1- Attend an online Canvas faculty workshop
Each instructor who does not have a course set up in Canvas will be required to attend an online Canvas workshop. The online Canvas Faculty Workshop will be done through Zoom conferencing. A link to the Zoom conference workshop will be sent out at the beginning of each day of the workshop and will be recorded for future reference. Before the workshop a survey will be sent to all the individuals who do not have content in their Canvas courses for a time and date to attend a workshop. This will be required by all instructors who do not have content in their courses. In addition, faculty have access to the Faculty Training Guide in Canvas. This course is self-enrolled. To sign up see Appendix A.

Step 2 - Set up your canvas course
Every course available at Klamath Community College has been set up with a course shell in Canvas. Each Canvas course will have a template for instructors to use. The course will have the following information already embedded:
  • Course home page,
  • Modules 1 - 11 (one for each week of the term) with the following attributes (instructors will be importing content) :
    • Assignments,
    • Quizzes,
    • Discussion boards.
  • Institutional syllabus,
  • Students who are already enrolled.
Every instructor will be required to have their courses set up for each week of the class, in preparation for emergency disaster planning. This will no longer be optional. The course material will need to be set up in Canvas the Thursday before the start of the term. If you need additional help, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at 541-880-2374 or email

Step 3 - Communication
Klamath Community College will send out emails and text messages if the campus will be closed for any amount of time. However, please use the Canvas Announcement tool to communicate the same message to students. Please communicate class expectations for the course during the emergency. If a class is face-to-face, please include an emergency plan for students to follow if there is an unexpected campus closure.

Step 4 - Alternative class lecture and office hours using Zoom or the BigBlue Button conferencing tool
If Klamath Community College campus is closed down for an extended period of time, consider conducting online lectures usingĀ  Zoom or the BigBlue Button conferencing tools. If you need a Zoom conferencing account, please contact the director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at and put Zoom account in the subject line. You should receive an invitation to activate your Zoom account within 24 hours. Click here to access the BigBlue Button guide. The BigBlue Button is available for all individuals using Canvas.

Step 5 - Use Canvas for assignments and exams
The Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) is a great tool for assessment. Through Canvas there is the ability to create assignments and have students upload their work for grading purposes. Additionally, instructors can attach a rubric to their assignments to help facilitate grading. Quiz types that can be created that are:
  • Multiple choice (with the option to have multiple answers),
  • True/false,
  • Essay,
  • Formula,
  • Matching,
  • File upload.

Step 6 - Consider alternative lectures
An instructor can create videos to use in place of lectures. Canvas Kaltura Capture program will record the individual and their computer screen(s) for online lectures.

Resources for students who have limited data or no internet connection for distance learning
Klamath Community College study areas will remain open (as of March 17, 2020) for any and all students who need access to technology. Students who have no internet access will be able to sign-up for internet access through Spectrum for free. Spectrum will provide 60 days free access for students. For students who have limited or capped data many mobile providers are offering free unlimited data.

Please see the websites below for more information.

Broadband Providers: Mobile Providers: AT&T is waiving fees for going over data caps, adding that many of its internet customers already have unlimited data.

"Additionally, through Access from AT&T we'll continue to offer internet data to qualifying limited income households for $10 a month," an AT&T spokesperson added in an emailed statement Thursday, March 12.

On Friday, AT&T added all home internet users have access to unlimited data; it will offer Cisco Webex Meetings video conferencing for free for the next 90 days for businesses, universities and schools; customers will be credited for the costs of calling CDC Level-3 countries; its World Connect Advantage plan will be 50% off; and it is supporting the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA), which is developing "communication tools for parents, teachers and school boards to help them handle school closures and the increase in virtual learning."
  1. Identify the courses with no content and reach out to instructors and their Deans to ensure compliance by Monday of the preceding week of term start.
  2. Hold Canvas training workshops for instructors using Zoom conferencing (if internet is available) or have faculty sign up for and go through the Canvas faculty and student training courses at least one week before the beginning of each term.
  3. Hold Canvas training workshops for students using Zoom conferencing (if internet is available) or have students sign up for and go through the Canvas Student Training Course.
  4. Use the Canvas course home template in each course without content.
Why wait? Get started today!
If you have never set up a Canvas course, get started today. Please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning to set up an appointment.

The Center for Teaching and Learning team is available for face-to-face help and webinar style meetings. Please let us know your preference.

Telephone: 541-880-2374
Click here for a request for help form