New Faculty Orientation

The CTL Team meets with 100% of new faculty members at KCC. Along with individualized training, the CTL provides several resources to help instructors get started on their new journey.

What to expect when meeting with the Center for Teaching and Learning

As a new faculty member, you will meet with the Center for Teaching and Learning Director.  This meeting will go over:

  • Introduction to the CTL Team
  • An overview of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
  • What are the services of the CTL and how to ask for support
  • Overview of the basics of the Canvas Learning Management System to include:
    • Course Templates
    • What are the components of a Canvas course (modules, assignments, discussions, pages, and quizzes)
    • Software programs within Canvas
  • Introduction to the CidiLabs Design tool
  • Introduction to the Faculty Onboarding Course

This meeting is informational, a member of the CTL team will reach out to all new faculty during their 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 6th week of the first term. 


New Faculty Orientation Survey

Please complete the New Faculty Orientation Survey.  This will help the CTL team understand your skills and needs to help with your transition to teaching at Klamath Community College.