Faculty Onboarding Course

Faculty Onboarding Course

The Faculty Onboarding course serves as an introduction to new faculty members coming to Klamath Community College. The course is designed as an orientation to Klamath Community College’s expectations regarding academic expectations, policies, procedures, and support services available. Faculty members will gain insights into Klamath Community College’s mission, vision, and values as well.

Additionally, faculty members will be introduced to the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) and Cidilabs DesignPlus. Faculty members will be given access to learning tools such as Bloom’s Taxonomy, course design, and more to meet the needs of our diverse student population.


  • Enhanced understanding of Klamath Community College’s culture and values.
  • Identify where to locate resources and support services.
  • Learn how to locate and use software programs at Klamath Community College.
  • Access resources for faculty such as Faculty Senate, the Employee Handbook, and Faculty Association Contract.
  • How to access and use Klamath Community College’s Canvas Learning Management System.
  • How to design a course based on Klamath Community College’s Minimum Course Standards and Best Practices.
  • How to increase instructor presence in online courses.
  • How to design courses that are rich in Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility.
  • How to access outside resources used with Canvas LMS.


Evaluation and feedback: Please contact the Director of the CTL with any feedback on the Faculty Onboarding course.

Helpful Resources

The Center for Teaching and Learning is available for help with:

  • Canvas LMS
  • Course Design
  • Learning Objectives, assessments and alignment
  • Plus more!

Instructional Designers*:

  • Dean Bilka Instructors: Sam Kauffman
  • Dean Stickles Instructors: Robert Yasukochi
  • Dean Sansom Instructors: Edis Worden

*While instructional designers are associated with a dean, any instructional designer is available for help as needed.

Please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning for support:


Phone: (541)880-2374

Walk-in: Building 3, Room 350