Special Circumstances

If you have already completed your FAFSA, but your situation from the two-year prior taxes is drastically different from your current situation, you may want to see if your situation qualifies you for a special circumstance appeal. Here at KCC we understand life events may arise that may not be reflected on your FAFSA. If you and/or your family within your household have experienced any of the circumstances below you have the ability to appeal to the Financial Aid department. Appeals will be received by our department and will be thoroughly reviewed to determine if your financial aid qualifications have changed.


Circumstances that may be considered appealable:
  • Loss of employment.
  • Permanent reduction of income.
  • Loss of benefit payments from unemployment, disability, social security, veterans, child support or alimony.
  • significant medical expenses.
  • Out-of-pocket costs resulting from a natural disaster.
  • One-time income.
  • Death, divorce, or separation of parents or spouse.

Circumstances that will NOT be considered appealable
  • Increase of standard living expenses.
  • Purchasing material items such as a car, home appliances, vacations, second homes, etc.
  • Reduction of assets. Changes in assets will be reflected on the following year's FAFSA.
  • Credit issues, line of credit changes, previous student loan debt, etc.
  • Medical bills paid by health insurance or that will be reimbursed by health care coverage.
  • Siblings or parents who are also attending college. Siblings are already taken into account on the FAFSA. Students cannot list their parents in the number in college.

Special circumstance appeals will be considered after you receive your initial award notification for the current aid year. After reviewing your verified special circumstance documentation, your aid package may remain the same, be increased, or reduced according to the financial information that has been submitted. As all files requesting special circumstance consideration will be verified, tax documents and other documents pertaining to the circumstance are required. Submitting a special circumstance request does not guarantee an adjustment will be made to your aid package.

2024-2025 Special Circumstance Appeal

Once you have completed the above form you may submit it to Financial Aid in Founder Hall (building 9) or be email at Please contact our office if you have any further questions regarding this process at the listed email or at