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KCC employees and students may access Microsoft Office 365. Check out this information to learn more!

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Microsoft Office 365 Tutorial Videos

What is Microsoft 365? (video)


Take your productivity to the next level with Microsoft 365, which lets you work and collaborate from everywhere. 

Create and Save (Video)


When you create a new document, save the file to OneDrive. You can even share it immediately with your collaborators. No need to email copies back and forth. 

Share and collaborate (Video)

Wherever you are working in Microsoft 365, it is simple to share your documents. 

Work with Microsoft Teams (Video)

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that helps your team stay organized and have conversations - all in one place. Here is a quick look at the left hand side of Teams.

Get the most out of Windows (Video)

Find your docs across your PC and online storage with these tools in Windows 10.

Work from anywhere (Video)

With OneDrive on your mobile device, you can access, upload, and share your files form anywhere. 

All videos and content retrieved from Microsoft Support