TurnItIn is a tool that promotes academic integrity and helps instructors to provide quality feedback for students. View these resources to learn more about using TurnItIn and accessing their support services.

How to Use TurnitIn Draft Coach

Use Turnitin Draft Coach to guide you from the first to final draft. Make use of our similarity, citation and grammar checking tools while you are writing your assignment.


How to use Turnitin Draft Coach (Webpage)

Note: Be sure to select the Microsoft Word tab.



Turnitin: Viewing Your Grade and Feedback

Uploading a Submission

Visit the Uploading a Submission webpage to learn how to upload a Turnitin assignment.


The Assignment Dashboard

The Assignment Dashboard (webpage)


The Turnitin assignment dashboard allows you to submit a paper to your assignment, then view feedback on the paper you have submitted.


Turnitin Resources, Support, and Accessibility Statement

TurnItIn help resources
Check out the TurnItIn help resources to for assistance with utilizing Turnitin.

Customer support
To access customer support services, visit the TurnItIn support center page.

TurnItIn accessibility
To learn about TurnItIn's accessibility efforts, visit their accessibility page.