KCC Programs

Career Pathways/Statewide Certificates

Less-than-one-year programs

KCC offers Less-Than-One-Year Certificates of Completion. These certificates can help students get started on a career path or advance in an occupation. This may be the first certificate a student earns while pursuing a program of greater length.

Generally these certificates can be earned in less than one year of full-time study. If you attend part-time, take developmental education courses or change majors, completion of your chosen program may take longer.

  • Addiction Studies (22 credits)
  • Automotive Technician - Electrical/ Electronic Specialist (12 credits)
  • Cisco Academy Computer Support Technician (16 credits)
  • Diesel Technician - Electrical/Electronic Specialist (12 credits)
  • Early Childhood Education (17 credits)
  • First-Line Supervisor Fundamentals (13 credits)
  • Income Tax Preparation (15 credits)
  • Retail Management (26 credits)
  • Web Design (24 credits)
Other Certificates