About the CTL

Mission Statement and Motto

 MISSION STATEMENT:               Mission.png

The Center for Teaching and Learning stands firm in our commitment to create an educational environment that supports inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility. Our core mission is to ensure that every individual, regardless of background or ability, has equal access to transformative educational experiences. 


We are not here to tell you how to teach, we are here to help you teach.


The Center for Teaching and Learning’s Commitment to Klamath Community College’s Core Themes:


The Center for Teaching and Learning recognizes the diverse needs of our community and are dedicated to creating an environment where everyone can thrive. Through innovative teaching methods, assistive technologies, and personalized support we strive to break down barriers and empower every learner.



The Center for Teaching and Learning believes that empowering instructors with the tools they need and by engaging students in meaningful and interactive learning. By promoting collaboration, embracing technology, and focusing on continuous improvement, we ensure that our services meet the highest standards of quality.



Our commitment extends beyond the institution by collaborating with local schools, organizations, and community leaders, we aim to bridge educational gaps and promote lifelong learning.



The Center for Teaching and Learning is at the forefront of driving student success through innovative course design and online learning initiatives. The Center for Teaching and Learning continues to work on ways to create engaging and interactive online courses that serves diverse learning styles. Through inclusive course design, we ensure that the content is not only comprehensive but also easily digestible, helping to develop a deep understanding of the subject matter.