Tuition and Fees

Credit Tuition:
In State Standard
(Lecture Course Only)                                                                              
$103.00 per credit hour
In State Combined Format
(Lecture and Lab Combined)
$147.50 per credit hour
In State Lab
(Lab Course only: indicated in the course description)
$214.50 per credit hour
Out of State Standard
(Lecture Course Only)
$174.50 per credit hour
Out of State Combined Format
(Lecture and Lab Combined)
$219.00 per credit hour
Out of State Lab
(Lab Course only: indicated in the course description)
$286.00 per credit hour
International Standard
(Lecture Course Only)
$204.50 per credit hour
International Combined Format
(Lecture and Lab Combined)
$249.00 per credit hour
International Lab
(Lab Course only: indicated in the course description)
$316.00 per credit hour
Senior Citizen Eligible for tuition waiver
Distance Education $21.50 per credit hour
Facility Fee $8.40 per credit hour
Installment Plan $10.00 per term
Lake County Fee Varies Per Course Standard (Lecture Only Course) Tuition: $14.50 per credit hour
Combined Format (Lecture and Lab Combined) Tuition: $21.15 per credit hour
Lab (Lab Only Course) Tuition: $31.20 per credit hour
Late Fee $25.00 Up to three times per term if payment is past due
Matriculation Fee $40.00 Charged once upon matriculation of postsecondary students in credit-degree programs.
Returned Check $25.00 per returned check
Student Gov't Fee $2.50 per credit hour
Student ID $5.00 per term
Technology $8.00 per credit hour
Test Fees Free Compass Test
Proctored Exams*
• On campus
• Off campus
Required by some courses
Off-campus test proctoring may have charges that are determined by the proctor, over which KCC has no control.
*A proctored test (or exam) is an exam that is administered by an impartial individual (the proctor) who monitors the student while they are taking the test. The proctor ensures the integrity and security of the exam process.
Tuition and fees are established by the KCC Board of Education and are subject to change without notice. For questions about tuition and fees, please contact the Business Office at (541) 880-2237

Tuition and Fees (Non-Credit Courses - Community Education and Customized Training):

Tuition for non-credit classes varies with each class and is published in the Community Education Class Schedule for each term. Payment is due by the first day of class. Some courses may require additional fees for materials, certification, or equipment.


Tuition and fees are due by the first day of class. The College accepts all traditional forms of payment including cash (U.S. dollars only), checks, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover. Third-party payment arrangements are also acceptable, which include agency or company payment authorizations, financial aid, scholarships, and veterans educational benefits. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that written third-party authorization is received by the College. An installment plan is available for students whose minimum balance is $275.00. For more information on setting up an installment agreement and making payments, please contact the Cashier at (541) 880-2237.

Late Fees:

A late fee of $25.00 will be assessed on student accounts which are past due. This fee may be assessed up to three times during the term.

Administrative Drop - Credit Only (including Distance Education):

Attendance is mandatory in all classes - including online classes - the first week of the term. If you do not attend all the class sessions the first week of class (or log in and complete the required coursework for online classes), and have not made arrangements with the faculty member regarding attendance, you may be administratively dropped from the class.

Adding or Dropping a Class - Credit Only (including Distance Education):

If you wish to change your schedule by adding or dropping classes, you must initiate a formal change by submitting a completed Add/Drop form to a Student Services Representative. Written instructor approval is required to add a class after the first class session. For online classes, the Distance Education office will help you with this process if you cannot come to campus (; and email correspondence for adding and dropping Distance Education courses is required. If you are receiving financial aid, you must notify the financial aid office of any registration changes.

Withdrawing from College - Credit Only (including Distance Education):

After the first week of credit classes, you may no longer drop a class with no record. A "W" grade will be granted when you process a formal withdrawal submitted by the published withdrawal date. Failure to follow the formal withdrawal process will result in a grade which reflects your course accomplishments.


If the college cancels a class, students are entitled to full refund of tuition and applicable fees.

An add/drop form must be completed by the student and processed by Student Services in order for the business office to process refunds. Credit balance resulting from payments made after a course is dropped by third party sponsors, financial aid or scholarships will be returned to the provider.

No refunds will be provided for withdrawals made after the drop deadlines (shown below).

Students who drop a class or classes will be issued a refund based on the following criteria:
Class Length Drop Deadline Refund Amount
8-12 weeks By the first Friday of the term 100%
2-7 weeks By the end of the first day of class 100%
Less than 2 weeks Prior to the first class meeting 100%