KCC student success stories

Dan Cobb’s path to Klamath Community College may be unconventional, but seizing opportunity has led to a better career and life with a new perspective on what it means to be a student. Click to read more.
Jeremiah Harrison opted out of his completing his high school diploma in Yreka, Calif., dropping out as a junior. when he turned 18 he joined the California Conservation Corps, and found little interest in the education side to complete his degree once he started working. However, after moving to Klamath Falls with his family two years ago he found few work opportunities without a degree, and enrolled in the GED program through K-CET to change that. Click to read more.
Will Koon was homeschooled, but at a certain point decided it was time to get to work and left his diploma unfinished. Through K-CET, he came to KCC to complete his GED and find a new career interest – welding. Read more here.
Karen Eugenia-Enriquez grew up in Mexico, but after her family relocated to Oregon with her high school years unfinished, she went to work rather than continue in her education. However, a longing to finish what she started and motivated by the urge to not live in regret led her to enroll in the GED program at KCC two years ago, where she is now on track to graduate in June. Read more here.
Within sight of the finish line Heidi Snoozy chose to quit, overcome by her shy demeanor, leaving high school without her diploma only short of a final public speaking project to graduate. Now years later with a clear vision of her future and motivated by family, she is completing her GED through Klamath Community College and ready for the next challenge.
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